How can i receive more information about the Arya Group?

Founded in 1999 in Mumbai, ARYA is one of India`s leading manufacturer of Diamond Gold Jewellery. ARYA has a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, pendants, charms, pins, watches, mini sets and full sets manufactured with and without stones in 14,18 and 22 karat gold. As the leading firm in the 18 karat gold jewelry segment in India, ARYA exports %60 of its production to 45 states around the Country.

How many new designs are introduced by Arya every year?

Arya introduces more than 6000 new models every year by 45 designers working in house.

Why is diamond jewelry made mainly in 18KT and 14KT and not in 22KT or 24KT?

Diamond jewelry is made using 18KT of gold because gold must have certain hardness for setting diamonds. 18KT gold is harder than the 22KT or 23KT. As a result, 18 KT gold is preferred setting for diamonds.

What do you know about the color, carats, cuttings and clarity of diamonds?
 How do these factors affect the price of the diamond jewelry?
  • Color refers to colorless, white shade, yellow shade, brown shade, and is priced respectively.
  • Colorless is the most expensive of all.
  • Clarity refers to external and internal blemishes, scratches, pits, clouds, feathers or pin points, found
    in the diamond.
  • Greater the clarity, higher the price.
  • Carat is the unit for measurement in weight.
  • The brilliance of a fine diamond is determined by the Cut of the stone.
  • Finest of cut is judged upon
    the amount of light reflected back to light, when viewed from the top..
What is the difference between the precious and the semi precious stone?

This depends upon the extraction done globally and also on the color and reflection.

What instructions should be followed to take good care of jewelry?
  • Don't wear jewelry while doing rough work.
  • Never clean your jewelry in the sink, it could go down the drain.
  • Always remove your jewelry before bathing and grooming.
  • Remove your jewelry before working with chlorine bleach.
  • Keep it dry.
  • When not wearing you jewelry, be sure to store it in a fabric lined case or in a box with dividers or
    separate compartments - jewelry pieces can otherwise scratch each other..
What is the potential of growth within the company?

Based on the guiding philosophy of being “Vision & Version of Years Ahead", the Arya Group aims to recruit and retain highly qualified professionals with a passion for luxury and an entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to various skill sets, an innovative flare, unmatched drive and a flexible approach in the work environment are the inherent qualities valued by the Arya Group.

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging opportunity with a rapidly expanding company, that fosters a sense of pride and belonging, then consider joining the Arya Group.

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